In business for 28 years - since 1986, as Bell Computer Services
   Now serving you as BCSTech LLC, we continue to specialize in:
  • Network design and installation
  • Systems Consulting, Hardware and Software
  • Data Integrity, Security and Reliability
  • Contract Computer and Electronic Services
  • Your supplier for ONE GOOD TURN Music Management System

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See ONE GOOD TURN Music Management System - a BCSTech exclusive

We can demonstrate this to you in your church, home or concert hall
  - give us a call (717-583-1800) or send us an email

Introduced at the 2011 AGO Region III Convention at the Harrisburg Hilton on June 27, 2011

Ask us about Hauptwerk - the Digital Virtual Pipe Organ!


The Mark-8 Minicomputer Replica Project

July 2004 was the 30th Anniversary of the Mark-8 Minicomputer, the first practical microprocessor-based computer available to the public.  Only a few hundred ever existed, and now only a handful survive.  The original prototype is in the Smithsonian Institute, but it is not functional.  Click here to see how BCSTech (Bell Computer Services) has built a working replica of this rare computer.

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