BCSTech LLC Company Details

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2011!

On May 1, 2012, Bell Computer Services became BCSTech LLC

We are:

1.  Consulting:

BCSTech can examine your current business operation in detail, resulting in a true assessment of what you need now, what you should have for the future and how to go about the process in the most cost-effective manner and with as little intrusion into the daily office activities as possible.  Questions are always answered in a most professional manner.  We specialize in small and home-based businesses.

2.   Hardware and Software sales and installation:

BCSTech sells top of the line IBM PC compatible computers, peripherals and accessories.  Our quoted prices always include system checkout, installation at your location and basic system orientation.  Additional training can be provided if desired.  If you need a network, we can provide the most economical solution that meets your needs as well as potential future needs.  BCSTech is an active partner with Microsoft, Sophos and AirTurn.

3.  Support Services:

We offer maintenance services on contract or by the hour.  If itís broke, we can fix it.  If it needs upgraded, we can help.  We can also provide free-lance document services with experience in the latest word processing and electronic publishing systems.

4.  Vinyl LP Conversion and Digital Renewal Services:

BCSTech can convert your old vinyl recordings into long-life audio CDs or MP3 files you can download to your MP3 player.  Modern digital renewal techniques are used to clean up a good bit of the wear that years of playing have built up on your favorite old records.  Our deluxe option can be used for the disks that are particularly worn and scratched.   Click here for a sample of what we can do.  Call or email for details and pricing.

5.  Digital Musical Score Management and Music Performance Enhancement:

With the announcement of One Good Turn in June 2011, BCSTech opens a new chapter in company history.  One Good Turn is the latest in performance technology, developed by an organist to help organists manage their burgeoning collections of musical scores, and then to enhance the performance of the scores through easy score accessibility and making page turning very easy - even when both hands and feet are busy.