BCSTech Price List, effective August 8, 2014

Complete ONE GOOD TURN system, ready to plug-in, load music, and play $Call or email
Includes All-in-One PC with Touch-Screen, wireless keyboard and mouse, Windows 7 and Digital Music library Page Turn software
PC includes Duel-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, DVD-R/W drive, Ethernet and Wi-Fi Networks, and 6 USB ports
Note: due to All-in One PC manufacturer's rapid development of new models and phasing out old models in short order, this model is custom-built only now.  
21" Touch Screen Monitor with removable display stand $Call or email
Tested and approved for use with the Digital Music Library Page Turn software
Stand removal is necessary to sit monitor on organ music rack; it can be easily re-assembled for other uses
BCS Custom-built desktop computer $Call or email
Optimized for running Digital Music Library Page Turn software
Specifications meet or exceed: Windows 7, Dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, DVD-R/W drive, Gb wired ethernet, integrated video & 6 USB ports
This computer can be easily customized for free - just ask!
Digital Music Library / Page-Turning Software for Windows PC $70
Installs on any Windows PC (Windows 7 or 8 recommended) - optimized for touch-screen use, but touch-screen is not required
Digital Music Library / Page-Turning Software for iPad ($4.99)
Pro App Installs on your iPad - optimized for touch-screen use; contact us for purchase details
Installation of Digital Music Library / Page-Turning Software $55
BCS can install this on your computer, or on any BCS computer
Special flat-rate cost is good only with the purchase of the software (see below for normal software installation costs)
Carrying Case for your ONE GOOD TURN system or 21" Touch Screen Monitor $Call or email
A standard case no longer exists at this point.  However, we can work with you to get you one that fits your needs.
Wireless Page Turning Accessory - AirTurn for PC or Mac $55
Plug in a foot switch, a bite switch, or any switch of your choosing to turn pages
Receiver works with ONE GOOD TURN, and plugs into your computer's USB port - plug-n-play, no drivers required
Wireless Page Turning Accessory - AirTurn for iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled devices $82
Plug in a foot switch, a bite switch, or any switch of your choosing to turn pages on your iPad
Foot Switch for use with AirTurn $28
Just press the foot switch to turn the page; two can be used to turn pages forward and backwards
Bite Switch for use with AirTurn $59
Easy to use switch plugs into the Air-Turn; just bite down momentarily and the page turns - Ideal for Organists!
Digital Scanner and software $Call or email
Essential for converting paper scores to digital format - A3 size can scan oversized scores too.
Software installs and works on most PC's.
Digital Scanning Service (per page, 10 page minimum) $2
BCS can scan your music scores for you and return them by email, ready to load into your ONE GOOD TURN or your computer
Hauptwerk Virtual Digital Organ System (call or email to discuss) $Call or email
A fully customizable virtual organ system that scales from a single keyboard to as many as five keyboards and pedal.
Play any one of several hundred famous/historic organs in the world, including classical and theatre styles.
 BCSTech consulting, per hour, minimum 1/2 hour $48
Includes ala-cart software installation, and all services not explicitly priced above
Travel time charged to client location only (within 50 miles of Harrisburg, PA - call or email for out-of town locations)

Since most systems are customized in one way or another, orders are only accepted by phone or email after a free consultation.
BCSTech Accepts Cash, Checks and Credit Card payments via PayPal.

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