A natural integration of today's technology with the timeless beauty of the pipe organ (or any musical instrument).

Dear Organist or Pianist or Keyboardist,

Has this ever happened to you during a service or performance?

Have you ever wished you could...

ONE GOOD TURN  is your music assistant and librarian

It makes all the headaches of your musical scores go away.
Every piece of music you have or need can be stored in the music library, ready at a moment's notice.
It displays your scores in digital quality on a computer screen that sits neatly on your computer rack or music stand -
    and it won't blow off when the Air Conditioning comes on.
You can see two full pages of the score, and you are free to turn pages at any time -you need not wait until the end of the page.
Page turning is as easy as touching anywhere on the computer display, or using our new hands-free bite switch - much less prone to accidents than turning real pages
Currently, there are 6 different ways of turning a page:

1.  Touch the screen in the "green" area of the monitor (requires a computer or monitor with a touch screen)
2.  Click the mouse on the screen in the "green" area of the monitor
3.  Press the Right Arrow key on the keyboard
4.  Press the Page Down key on the keyboard
5.  Press the foot pedal (requires the AirTurn accessory and a foot pedal)
6.  Bite on the bite switch (requires the AirTurn and bite switch accessories)

Pages can also be turned backwards by touching the "red" area of the monitor or clicking the mouse in the "red" area, pressing the Left Arrow key, or the Page Up key, or using a foot pedal or second bite switch connected to the second jack on the AirTurn device.  Although this works well, the Music Reader software makes it possible to eliminate all backward page turns by simply copying repeated areas of the score and making the music flow linearly from beginning to end.

Additional built-in features are appreciated by all musicians:

ONE GOOD TURN is a self-contained touch-screen computer with special software installed for handling digital music scores, and responds to many different types of input for page turning (see list above).  The software is optimized for a touch-screen computer and includes access to the music library and a complete on-screen digital annotation system for making notes right on the screen.  The notes are saved in the standard PDF digital music files, and appear in all PDF readers, even when the files are copied to other computers and standard PDF readers are used to view the files.

Several variations of ONE GOOD TURN are available, including one that uses your own PC (requires an external video port and a USB port) with a touch-screen monitor, and one that uses a less-expensive, customizable desktop with a touch-screen monitor.  If you don't want or don't need the touch-screen, we can build one for you that way too.

And now - we have a version that works on the iPad.  Email for details..

Click here for a list of web sites that have free (public domain) music available for download.

Questions?  Interested in a demonstration?  Please send email to or call 717-583-1800
    (if no answer, please leave a message with contact information)

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